Monday, September 5, 2016

Title: The Dead
Series: The Wilds #3
Author: Donna Augustine

I'm young to have so many enemies. The Skinners, Dark Walkers, Wood Mist, they all want me for their own reasons. But those were enemies I could fight. Now the disease that changed me forever is back. 

It’s reaping death and havoc everywhere it strikes and I’m nearly helpless to stop it except for one chance. There’s a rumor of a cure. But Dax, my ally here in the Wilds, has vengeance on his mind. As I prepare to fight the Bloody Death by any means I can, I might have to leave behind the only man who has ever stood beside me.


The third book in the Wilds series is pretty sad. Dal loses someone close to her, and now she's going to do everything she can to find the cure to the Bloody Death, even if that means leaving Dax behind. However, Dax isn't going to take this lightly and as Dal gets herself into more trouble with pirates and more, Dax may be there to rescue her or he may not be this time. 

I felt so bad for Dal in this book. It sucks that so many people turned their back on her, and I really hated what happened to her friend. But, I really liked seeing Dal and Dax get even closer in this book, even though some of the things Dax does still isn't really explained. 

Other than that, I loved this book. Dal has turned into a kick ass heroine who can take care of herself, and she will fight for what she believes in. 

I'm super excited for reading more now! 
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