Saturday, September 24, 2016

Title: Southern Sunset
Series: 44 South #1
Author: Nicola Claire

I stared out at the majestic vista before me and thought, if God lived anywhere, it'd be here. And then I looked down at the dead body at my feet.

Quirky townspeople?

There’s something strange about Twizel. Maggie Blackmore didn’t come to this sleepy hollow for a mystery, but she sure as heck found one. Being an Aucklander in the South Island doesn’t help either. If they’re not calling her a JAFA (Just Another F**king Aucklander) then they’re telling her to slow down. Twizel Time is real and Maggie has to learn to roll with it.

As if that’s not enough, then there’s the farmers.

Got a thing for pony tails?

Just what the hell Luke Drake is up to is anyone’s guess. But when the station manager of Red Tussock takes an interest in the new girl in town, there’s no stopping him. And Maggie’s not sure that she wants to. But rules are rules and murder complicates matters. Being the only cop in town who can investigate the growing number of crimes puts Maggie in an even deeper quagmire.

And that’s not even considering the past that comes back to haunt her.

This sleepy hollow has just woken up and Twizel doesn’t care if you were born here or born to live here. Sooner or later your secrets will come out.


This book starts out with Maggie being a new cop in a strange town she’s never been to before. Her boss doesn’t ever seem to be around, and when a body shows up on his families land things get even more difficult for Maggie. Enter in Luke Drake, her boss’ brother, and also the man who runs the station, and you’ve got Maggie trying to figure out which is up and down. Especially after Luke decides that she is his, and nothing is going to be in his way even herself.

Maggie must figure out who his trying to set up Matt Drake, while still seeing Luke as well and that is not easy at all. But, she is bound and determined to find out the truth in her strange new town.

Southern Sunset was the first book of a brand new Nicola Claire series! Let me start by saying I adore this author, she’s one of my favorite authors of all time!

But, this book was a little bit different from a lot of her other books, and yet still similar in some ways as well. I loved the plot line of this story! It was interesting, and I loved the fact that the heroine was the cop this time instead of the hero.

However, the thing that bothered me the most was how fast Maggie and Luke got together, and how their feelings escalated. Other than that I thought the book was extremely good, and I love this new series so far.

This was also a great way to start the series, and I cannot wait for Matt’s book! He seriously needs to get one asap, because that is going to be crazy! 

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