Friday, September 2, 2016

Title: The Mel Files
Author: Kim Schubert

I was normal. 

Well, I was better at pretending I was normal. 

The current events at C&B Investigations has firmly clarified that I no longer fit into that category. My marriage is on the rocks. My boss keeps trying to get into my pants, and my nightmare of a mother has shown back up. 

Did I mention someone shot at me? That's just rude.


The Mel Files begins with Mel working as an admin at a security firm. She loves her job, but things are happening with her husband that aren't good, and that puts her in a horrible position at work. Now, she realizes what a jerk her boss really is, and how better some of the other guys are. She must figure out what she's going to do next before it is too late. 

This book was enjoyable and I liked it. But, I really didn't like the personality changed between Mel in the beginning and Mel in the end. I liked the change, but I didn't like how abruptly it happened. I wish it was a more gradual change from one aspect to the other so it would have been easier to connect with her. 

I also liked the plot line a whole lot. It kept me interested and wanting more. I really hope there will be a second book to this one, and I really hope that Mel stays with the guy she got with. I loved them together! They were great, and I hope Mel does good in her new career field. 
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