Thursday, August 18, 2016

Title: Reaping Angels
Author: Laura Thalassa

There are few things superhero Angel wants in life. World peace. Unlimited chocolate banana milkshakes. Spandex outfits with pockets. What she doesn’t want is the attention of the Executioner, a supervillain who kills with his touch.

But the moment she survives a caress—and a kiss—at the mercy of his lethal skin, Angel realizes her problems just got a whole lot bigger. Because the only thing worse than a supervillain who wants to kill you is one who wants to keep you.


Reaping Angels begins when Angel, the healer superhero, is called to help save some kids in a fire. The problem is it was a set up, and now the famous supervillian Executioner wants to capture her. But, when they learn that his powers don't work on her things change for X. He wants Angel more than anything, and he will defy anyone who gets in his way when it comes to her. 

I really liked this book! I thought it had the perfect blend of humor, and seriousness in it to make it interesting. I also really enjoyed the superhero aspect of it, and I loved the relationship between Angel and X. They were great together, and their relationship made the whole book very intense and funny as well. I also really liked getting to see the other superheros too, that added a little bit more to the story as well. 

So, overall I really did like the book! 
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