Thursday, August 11, 2016

Title: Opposites Attract
Series: The Locklaine Boys #2
Author: Jessica Prince

Delilah Northcutt has been described as weird, nerdy. But her favorite term is quirky. The eccentric flower shop owner definitely marches to the beat of her own drum. On the rebound from a cheating ex, she’s not looking to open her heart to someone else any time soon. On a whim, her best friend convinces her that one night with a stranger she’ll never see again is just what she needs to pull herself out of the funk she’s been living in.

Overly serious, workaholic Richard Locklaine was always described as the twin determined to do the right thing. Even if it was at the cost of his own well-being. But after years in a loveless, manipulative marriage, he’s finally free and ready to build a life of his choosing. And nowhere in that life is there room for another woman—unless it’s for just one night, of course.

They are complete opposites in every single way. But for some reason, fate has decided to force the two of them together. Despite the chemistry, they’re determined to fight the attraction growing between them. Besides, what could a florist with horrible taste in music and an attorney from Connecticut ever really have in common? Only one thing is certain. When they finally come together, it’s going to be epic.


Delilah just broke up with her boyfriend because he's a cheating bastard, so her best friend talks her into having a one night stand. The problem is she can't get this guy out of her head, and when she sees him again months later things start to look up for her. 

Richard has recently finalized his divorce and is ready to move on with his life. When he has the best night of his life without even getting the woman's name, it changes him when he finds her again. However, he's unsure about what could happen between them besides just living in the now. And when Delilah realizes that that's all he will give, that may not be enough for her. 

This book was really funny! I laughed several times throughout the book because of how quirky Delilah was. I also liked the plot line a whole lot. 

The only thing I really didn't like was some of the stuff that happened towards the end. That just felt kind of off some how. 

But, other than that I really liked the book, especially because of how much it made me laugh! 
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