Monday, August 8, 2016

Title: For a Good Time, Call...
Series: Scars #1
Author: Jessica Gadziala

Hunter is on the run from a past he wants nothing more than to forget about. He settles into his new life in a new city with a sexy new neighbor who goes out drinking every night and seems to have a lot of kinky, fantastic sex every day.

Fiona has more than a few scars from her past, nightmares so bad she cant be in her own apartment at night. She spends her days moaning like a porn star to her phone sex callers and putting up walls so thick no one can break them down.

That is until she keeps getting woken up from the hot new guy next door and goes over to confront him, sending them both into uncharted territory. 

When their pasts come charging into their present, will they be able to heal the old wounds enough to let each other in? Or is there some damage that is simply too difficult to overcome?


Fiona is doing everything she can to avoid the past, and the way she grew up. That involves drinking a lot, and being just generally destructive. But, when she gets a new neighbor and has an instant attraction to him things start to spiral out of control. 

Hunter is also running from his past, and he has no idea how to move forward, but he wants to try with Fiona. But, when the past catches up with both of them it may be too late. 

This book was a major surprise. It is a contemporary type of book with some dark aspects, but it was also pretty funny at times as well. I really enjoyed the hero and heroine together. 

And the plot line was very different, and kept me interesting from start to finish. 
The only thing I really didn't like was a few things that happened towards the end that I just didn't understand why that happened the way it did. 

But, other than that I thought the plot was good, the characters were very good, and over all it was just a good book! 
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