Saturday, August 13, 2016

Title: Finding Me
Series: The Spy Chronicles #1
Author: Scarlett Haven

Nobody knows me. Not my neighbors, not people I go to school with, not even my family. Somedays I am convinced that I don’t even know myself. How could I? I haven’t experienced anything to know if I like it. But here is what I know so far. 
First, I love the color orange. Like the color of the sky, right as the sun is setting. It is absolutely my favorite thing in the entire world. And I wonder, do all sunsets look like they do in Florida? Or is it different in other parts of the world. 
Second, I love the smell of salt water. Even though I live in Florida, I have never been to the beach, but sometimes, when the wind is blowing, I smell the salt water. I try to imagine what it’s like to walk on the sand and feel the waves crash around my ankles. I think it would be nice. 
And third, this one I’m not sure about, but I think I’m a people person. I love watching people to see how they interact with each other. I always wonder what it would be like to be them… to have friends. I wonder what makes each person who they are. I wonder what they are thinking. I’m not sure that I will ever truly know. 
But then I meet them. 
My world is turned upside down and I am introduced to a new world—a world I didn’t know existed. 


Finding Me begins when Karlie actually has someone trying to talk to her at school. But, she's not allowed to have friends so she knows it's a bad idea. However, when these strange guys just keep turning up things start to look more and more strange to her. However, when she finds the truth it may be the best thing that ever happened to her. 

This was a very short book that introduces us to Karlie's old world and brings us into her new world. It lets us meet these awesome guys who have come to help her, and it also has a very awesome plot line. 

However, it was way too short, and it had a crazy cliffhanger that left me going nuts and wondering when the next book is coming out. I cannot wait for the next book now. This one was really good, and I look forward to more in this series. 
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