Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Title: Annoying Pest
Author: K.S. Adkins

Coping with anxiety was hard enough.
Coping with anxiety while the world watched was agony.

Yes, my dreams came alive the moment I stepped on stage.
But, my nightmares waited for me the moment I stepped off.
Yet to the outside world, I had it all.
My reality however, was no rock-n-roll fairy tale.
See, my spiral started when the man I loved walked away without a word.
So… I didn’t take that well.
In fact a year later, I was getting by on pills, music and denial.
Now I was back where it all started and we ended.
I was scheduled to perform in my hometown.
A tour I swore I could handle.
But when a stalker joined the party, I had reached my fragile limit.
Mentally and emotionally, I was done.
And on the anniversary of my dumping, in my darkest hour, he came back.
Vowing to protect me, wanting to fix me and to find us again.
The same guy who sacrificed his own dreams so I could perform.
To get here, I took and took, never giving back.
The adult in me had to at least recognize my role in his leaving.
With open eyes, I knew it was my turn to sacrifice.
No matter the cost, I owed him.
This wasn’t just my dream, but his too.

Then I found myself at a crossroads.
That place where everything I had always wanted was mine for the taking.
And I would.
Take it, that is.
Except for one tiny problem…
I hated being famous.


 Annoying Pest begins when Pest is in danger and the man she's in love with who left her a year ago is back to help keep her safe. Chevy couldn't deal with Pest's issues any longer and now while she's finishing her tour he will do everything he can to keep her safe. 

But, he's also learning more about Pest than he ever knew. Like how much she really struggles, and how big of a mistake he made so long ago. But, will Pest forgive him for everything, or will they be destined to be apart for good?

This book was really good. It shows a side to celebrity life that would be horrifying especially for someone like Pest who deals with anxiety so much. 

The author did a great job of portraying Pest's issues, and the fact that Chevy had a hard time with them. But, he eventually redeemed himself in a great way. These two were perfect for each other, even if one of them had a hard time dealing with it. 

Annoying Pest was a little different from this authors other books, but it was great and I totally look forward to more. 
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