Sunday, August 14, 2016

Title: Anarchy
Series: Hive Trilogy #2
Author: Jaymin Eve & Leia Stone

Did Charlie Bennett ever tell you that vampires are evil spawn? Well they are! 

She's had just about enough of them and when the unthinkable happens, she decides it might just be time to use her blood as a weapon against them. 

It's time for a little anarchy. 

*Recommended reading age 17+ due to language.


Charlie and her friends are in more danger than they imagined. When people start to find out about Charlie's blood, and the vampires start doing more horrible things, Charlie decides to take matters into her own hands. 

However, Ryder, and the rest of the sexy six won't let her be alone while she does it. She's going to destroy the hive no matter what, but she must make sure her friends are safe first.

This book was interesting, but not as good as the first one. I really loved the first one better, there was a lot more to it. 

This one had some drama, and relationship stuff with Ryder that was awesome. But, I felt like it was really lacking something that the first one had. 

And this one also ended in a cliffhanger, but I'm super excited to read the next one and figure out what Charlie does next. 

This is a very good paranormal series with a twist of Vampires that I adore. 
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