Friday, August 12, 2016

Title: 8 Mile & Rion
Author: K.S. Adkins

Few call me Rion, but you can call me Junior. 
Life was easy here on 8 Mile until the day I was told to leave Detroit. 
When my dad died, the life I built at his request ended and I stepped back into the world I was born to live in—taking bets and when necessary, collecting on them by force. 
I was raised in a man’s world, a world that embraced me, that I understood. Or so I thought.

One collection gone wrong was all it took to change the course of my life forever. 
A homeless, bitter ex-Marine squatting in the property I was taking back changed everything. 
Loyal Hart was hiding from the ghosts of war. He never wanted to be found, but I wasn't raised to leave a man behind. Despite his nasty words and dirty looks, I knew a good man when I saw one. This angry man had the edge I needed to get results in my line of work, so I hired him. He proved to be more damaged than I ever thought possible, and too soon I realized that I couldn’t live without him. 

Loyal found it easier to battle his feelings for me than he did his own demons. Though he kept me safe, even putting his body at risk in the process, he fought even harder to keep me at arm’s length. When true danger came, I saw what he was really made of, and why he lied to keep himself a secret. 

A smart bookie always knows her odds.
So I took the risk and bet it all on the man who wouldn't even bet on himself.


This book begins when Rion's dad dies and she has to take over the business. She never would have known how in over his head he was until it's her turn to make it turn out okay. But, someone is out to get her and stalking her. Then when Loyal shows up out of the blue she can't say away from him, however, he has demons he's fighting and has no idea how to deal with them or her. 

These two have a lot to get through if they want to even try to make it work, but that may be a moot point of Rion can't stay safe. 

This book was okay. I really had a hard time liking the characters at times because of the decisions they made. I felt Loyal gave up a lot, and I felt like Rion pushed too hard too fast at times. 

But, other than that I liked the plot line of the story, and I thought the side characters were pretty interesting too. I look forward to more by this author. 
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