Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Title: Sweet Seduction Sayonara
Series: Sweet Seduction #9
Author: Nicola Claire

“I should stay away. She’s warned me. Her life is too complicated and my name’s not on her dance card. I should stay away. But I don’t."

Finn Drake is an ordinary guy. He’s good at what he does. Cares about his mates. And fights his battles through contracts and in sky-rise offices. He’s not a kick-butt ninja warrior. But sometimes that’s just what it takes to win the girl.

Especially when there’s Triads and drug dealers and Yakuza and tattooed thugs and all manner of people after them. Not to mention the girl's father and brother, who happen to think she belongs to someone else.

If it wasn’t for his friends, where would Finn be?

Just as well his friends are professional investigators and hard nosed security experts, mostly ex-military.

ASI comes to the rescue, helping Finn win his girl. Because as far as these men are concerned… once you see what you want, you set out to take it, claim it, and possess it, completely. Finn might have thought he was someone who looked in from the outside, but he soon realises he's just like everyone else. At least, he’s just like his mates at Anscombe Securities and Investigations.

Because Finn Drake wants Momoko Tanaka, and he’ll do absolutely anything to make her his.


Sweet Seduction Sayonara is really and truly the last book in the Sweet Seduction series! 
It's about Finn and the woman he meets who can't stay away from, even knowing that he can't be with her, he still can't stay away. But, when he starts having some problems with certain people, he must involve ASI and all the guys or it will blow up in his face. 

This was a really short read of Finn's story and the woman who wins his heart. But, it's also giving us a little bit more of the other characters we love so much and their roll in life now. 

I really enjoyed this one a whole lot! I thought it was really good that I read it all in one sitting. I loved Finn and his woman a whole heck of a lot. And I really loved getting to see previous characters as well. 

I'm super sad to say Sayonara to Sweet Seduction, but alas it must be said! 

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