Friday, July 29, 2016

Title: when Time stood still
Author: K.S. Adkins

Our lives are spent watching the clock. 
We go to sleep by it. 
Wake up to it. Rely on it. 
Race it.
It's easy to forget that we're only given so much.
We ignore it because we're convinced we'll always have more.
I am proof that we aren't promised anything.
The clock owes us nothing.
I know this because not only was Time my name, I wasn't given enough of it.
Sure I had challenges but I vowed to make the most of it, of my young life.
My limitations wouldn't hold me back.
Time was on my side.
Then I was told otherwise.
Now the clock was working against me.
I would face this disease alone.
Then he walked in and changed everything.
He gave me a reason to fight.
He helped me prepare.
Like others before me, when time slowed I wasn't ready.
I begged for more.
But the clock, it stopped for no one.
On the day my world went black, I refused to take him with me.
Only he didn't listen.

I was a doctor.
A bringer of bad news.
I read the chart.
She was fucked.
My hands, they were tied.
I was a doctor who could not heal what was beyond that door.
I had no hope to offer her.
But I wanted this over with.
The sooner the better.
I walked in, looked up and saw color.
Not one.
All of them.
They surrounded her.
She was a patient.
You did not cross that line.
I would not cross that line.
I should have kept my eyes closed.
Life was easier when you didn't see.
But they were open now.
They saw her.
They saw everything.
Suddenly invisible lines ceased to matter.
For me, Time mattered.
How far would you go to make sure the one you loved had enough of it?
Would you challenge the clock?
Help them prepare?
Could you watch them suffer?
Could you accept a life without them in it?
Or, would you follow them into the darkness?

I did. 

This is our story.


when Time stood still begins when Time finally admitted to herself that she needed to go tot he doctor for her problem. She knew she didn't have much Time left and wanted to make the most of it. At the doctors office, she ends up meeting her doctor, Drum, and they instantly have a strange connection to each other than neither one could ever imagine would happen. But it did. 

And now Time will do everything she can to enjoy what she has left, and Drum will do everything he can to make his woman happy for as long as he can. 

These two have a lot to work on, but in the end it may be wroth it after all. 

This book blew me away with its magnificence. It was utterly breathtaking, refreshing, intriguing, and totally devastating as well. 

I adored the hero and heroine in this story. Both were very strong, and did everything they could to make their lives together better, but sometimes it wasn't it, actually that's an understatement. But both of them prevailed and made it through to the end. 

This story had romance, but it wasn't just about that it was more than that. It's not your typical boy-meets-girl-fall-in-love type of story. It was MORE than that. We read about them falling, but then we have to watch them survive together. 

This is probably one my favorite books ever now, and I'm super thankful to the author for creating this story. 
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