Saturday, July 30, 2016

Title: Motown Throwdown
Series: Motown Down #1
Author: K.S. Adkins

Because of him college was hell.
I gave him a year, he gave me anxiety.
I thought we were friends, he thought I was a punchline.
Because of him I was undateable.
Because of him I needed therapy.
While he was in prison, I thought I'd outgrown him.
But he's out now and he's... different.

He's obsessed with me.

Because of her college was memorable.
She gave me a year, I gave her a lifetime of self doubt.
She wanted to be friends, I wanted to be more.
Because I couldn't have her, no one else did either. 
In one night, I went from a football god to a convict.
She would always belong to me.
Ten years in prison changes a man, it makes him... more.

I'm obsessed with her.


Motown Throwdown begins when Kandace finds out that the man she gave her heart to in college so many years ago is out of prison. She never believed he did what he was sentenced for, and now he seems to avoid her. The problem is she still wants him, and she's scared he will treat her how he did in college, which was to say very poorly. 

Roman doesn't know how to deal with Kandace and he really doesn't know how to deal with this life he's currently living either. He's pissed about what went down so long ago, and it's even worse now. 
But when he realizes that Kandace will give him a chance, he will do everything he can to make up the past to her, and to create a future for them both. 

This book was very interesting, and a really great start to this series as well. I really loved Kandace! She was a great heroine, and I adored how she handled the hero throughout the book as well. She was super strong, and very smart too. 

And while I had a problem with Roman at times he made up for it big time in the end. I also really loved the ending as well. It totally sets us up for the next book that looks even better than the first one. 

Overall this book was GOOD! I enjoyed the plot line, the characters, and of course the promise of more too. 
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