Saturday, July 30, 2016

Title: Motown Takedown
Series: Motown Down #3
Author: K.S. Adkins

I became property at thirteen.
My youth was stolen, my choices with it.
I became the darkest version of myself.
Childish thoughts were replaced with deviant behavior.
I was taught a new way of thinking.
Survival depended on adapting to my environment.
Or rather, adapting too well.

Lured from the streets with the promise of heaven, I quickly found myself entrenched in hell. Turns out the flames suited me, I loved the burn on my skin. 
Detroit’s underground became my playground, its inhabitants my toys. 

Feared by many but controlled by a man named Savage.
The man responsible for who I've become.
Your fantasy, his whore, a strategist of no equal and a killer of legend.
I am his greatest accomplishment, his pride and joy. 
Now I would be his downfall.
Because at eighteen another man made a promise to come back for me. 
A man who was keeping my heart safe until the time was right.
That time was now.

My name is Cinn but you can call me Perfection.
To the men under my rule, I am Queen.
But to him I am heaven.
And together we will rule hell.


Cin has been waiting for five years for the love of her life to finally come for her and take her away from her life of hell. But, when he seems to be taking his time she decides to get the ball rolling and get his butt in gear. This has Cin and her man getting ready for war, but things aren't going to be as easy as she thought they were. 

She and her man don't really know each other anymore. Things are very different now, and each of them must learn how to be with each while still trying to keep themselves alive. 
However, it may turn out all gravy in the end if they can't get their act together. 

This book was good! I had a love/hate relationship with Cin though. At times, I thought she was super badass and I adored her. However, at other times I was super annoyed with her narcissism and how conceded she was. It was frustrating, but then at times it also made me mad. 

I did really love the hero and heroine together though. I believe they made a perfect couple and really complimented each other. 

This book had a great plot line that kept me wanting more, but it also at times made me laugh, smile, bring tears to my eyes, and want to scream from how crappy Cin had had it all her life. I'm super excited for more books from this author now. 
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