Saturday, July 30, 2016

Title: Mowtown Breakdown
Series: Motown Down #4
Author: K.S. Adkins

Motown Breakdown is the final story in the Motown Down series that includes a bonus book; Sun & Shade. Two full length novels, two happy endings, one price.

To outsiders it would be unimaginable that women were categorized, branded and sold to the highest bidder. 
In her world it wasn’t unimaginable, it was how her father ran his business. 
With her own brand on her wrist, she had a place there.

A painful one.
A lonely one. 
A deadly one.

For Luna, the line between love and loyalty is never blurred.
One is a fantasy the other survival. 
Promised to a man she does not love and forced to remain in a world she despises, she is slowly breaking down.
Luna wants love, she wants a choice and when Crews needs her help, she sacrifices everything for the man she can never have.
A man, while in his arms, wanted someone else.

Word was she had been seen walking through a set of double doors and never came back out.
For nine months he's searched for answers as to how that could be.
Now he knew who did it, he knew who had her too.
But in the end, a lowly construction worker was no match for the man who stole from him. 
Out of money and options, his luck turns when he realizes his neighbor is none other than the enemy’s beloved daughter.
Now Crews has a plan and the leverage for that plan lived across the hall.
Using her would have been easy until he sees how desperate she is to escape the life forced on her. 
Until he sees she’s everything he’s ever wanted and the one thing he cannot have. 

For Crews, the lines between love and loyalty were starting to blur.
Save the woman he’s dedicated his life to? Or save the woman he couldn’t live without?

To save one he would have to sacrifice the other.
Crews was at a crossroads.
He was ready to choose, he truly was.
Until Luna made the choice for him.
And paid the ultimate price.


Motown Breakdown is actually two stories in one awesome book! 

The first story is about Luna doing everything she can to take down her "father" Marco with the help of Shade, the man she's suppose to "marry." The problem is she's so good at towing the line that she forgets to fight for what she really wants, and what she wants is Crews. 

Crews is searching for Evie, and he's going to use Luna to do it. That is until he falls for her almost instantly and that just screws up all of his plans. 

The second story is about Shade and Sun. I won't say more about that you just have to figure it out! 

This book was really good. I loved the plot line for both of the stories. 
Luna was a very self sacrificing type of character and I loved her and Crews together. They had a really sweet relationship and I adored it. 

I also have to give kudos to this author for making the heroes in her stories no "perfect." And I don't mean that act like jerks or something, I mean how they look. It makes me be able to really feel how the heroine feels and I adore that. 

My favorite story was Shade and Sun! I adored Sun to no end. She was completely different from Luna and I loved that. Plus her story was a lot more interesting and exciting. However, Shade could be a major dick at times, but he did make up for it in the end! 
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