Thursday, July 28, 2016

Title: Keeping My Pack
Series: My Pack #2
Author: Lane Whitt

The guys struggle to keep themselves whole as they search for their lost Kitten. Tension is high and emotions are running out of control until they find help with an unexpected ally. The question is…can they get there in time?
Kitten is barely holding on to her sanity as she’s held prisoner by Adam and the man claiming to be her uncle. With her spirits broken and her hope lost, can she hold on long enough for the guys to find her? 
Join Kitten and the guys on their journey, where they will all figure out what family really means, together. With the Ivaskov Pack watching their every move, and too many new faces to be able to tell who is friend and foe, life for Remy and his ragtag bunch of changed wolves is about to get more complicated. 


Keeping My Pack begins with Kitten trying to keep her sanity. She's being held captive and all is not well for her. She's going to have to face a whole lot worse if the guys don't come to help her in time. 

And the guys are learning things about Kitten they never knew, like who she really is, and what will happen to them all once she's rescued. 

This book was not as good as the first one. I liked the fact that we got to see more of Kitten and the guys together. But I really felt that Kitten's "title" meant nothing in the long run. She really didn't do anything in the book other than talk a few times. I was really frustrated with the fact that the guys all took "control" and it felt like Kitten didn't do anything. 

Other than that this story was very interesting, and it was nice to see how much closer together Kitten and her guys were. It was also a cliffhanger ending, but it was a wonderful ending that has me excited for more in this series. 
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