Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Title: Ballistic
Series: Detroit After Dark #4
Author: K.S. Adkins

My name is Lina Tomek.

I have a laundry list of issues, but the biggest is simple: I am a human lie detector. Literally. It isn't something I picked up on the streets or a cheap parlor trick someone decided to teach me. I was born with this curse and made a career out of it. 

Now I live in the depths of loneliness, rejection, and abandonment, all because I know what a lie feels like. Truth be told – and with me, it always is – it’s driving me out of my mind. 

You've already met my friends Venessa, Macy and Jules, but the fight for our city didn't end with them. In fact, it was gearing up. Detroit needed to get right, and I knew I had to light the fuse, even though it meant embracing the ability I hate.

Blinded by my need for the truth, I made a deal with a tall, determined, ultra secretive male rocking designer clothes and lethal eyes. His name is Anthony Gallo, and though he spoke no lies, I could still sense a hidden agenda. 

Turns out that agenda is me.

When a girl with nothing is finally given something she knows is real, you best not try and take it. To protect it she does what any girl from the streets would do...

She goes ballistic.


Ballistic begins with Tony following Lina around and keeping an eye on her. He needs her to figure out the real truth behind his parents murder, but he also wants more from her, maybe more than she can give. 

But as these two spend more time together and Lina does her best to find the truth about the past, their relationship gets even more complicated. Tony doesn't know which way is up or down with her, and Lina has no idea how to deal with Tony. 

With these two both trying hard to make things work and working together on a case life gets full of even more complications that they may not be able to work out in time. 

This book was my favorite of this series. I really loved Tony and Lina together! They made a great couple, both were complicated, and had no idea how to deal with each other. But some how through all of that they tried their hardest to make it work. I admired that a great deal in these two characters. 

And the ending was amazing as well! I adored seeing the end and how the rest of them ended up too. I thought this book was really good. Filled with action, drama, romance, and of course some wacky humor. 
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