Monday, July 4, 2016

Title: Warden
Series: Elemental Paladins #1
Author: Montana Ash

Ryker is a paladin. An ancient knight, born to protect those precious few who hold powers over the elements. He is bound by honour, courage and loyalty. But when tragedy strikes he forsakes everything he stands for, vowing never to serve again. He opens his home to other rejected and dishonoured knights ... but never his heart. That is, until a sarcastic, sword-wielding, miniature Warden barges into his life, bringing chaos and mayhem to his carefully ordered world.

Will he forgive himself for past mistakes? Or will old wounds continue to scar his future?

Max is different. She has a strange affinity to nature and finds herself constantly causing disasters wherever she goes. What's more, strange creatures stalk her every step, their relentless pursuit driving her to the brink of exhaustion. Stumbling upon a gaggle of hot ancient knights seems too good to be true but she can't deny they have the answers she's looking for. Too bad their Captain is a growly, insensitive jerk who insults her every time he opens his gorgeous mouth.

Should she trust her instincts and allow herself to hope for the first time in her life? Or will her fierce independence cause her to lose the one thing she has always craved - a home?



Warden begins when Max is found by a group of people who know about the shadows that have been hunting her for a very long time. However, she doesn't trust easy, and when they start to explain things about them and herself, she's not at all sure if what their saying is correct. But as she gets to know them more she comes to care for all of them, especially Ryker, who doesn't seem to want anything to do with her. 

But they may all need to stay together if they want to figure out the secrets Max holds, and keep her safe even if Max doesn't know how to do that. 

This book was a very intriguing read and very very good! I adored Max. She's a funny, strong, and very heartfelt heroine. I adored her, and I loved how she interacted with everyone around her as well. 

Also, I really loved Ryker, and all of the side characters as well. They made a great team, and built a beautiful friendship and family among this strange, crazy world they all live in. 

The world building was also very interesting and creative. It wasn't like anything I've ever read before, and I'm super excited to be reading more in this series.  
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