Thursday, June 30, 2016

Title: Rescued by their Wife
Series: Wings of Artemis #2
Author: Rebecca Royce

A wife. A mother. A rebel.
And now their savior...

When a crazed-woman wants to take control of the universe, destroying all that defies her, it's up to Melissa Alexander to retrieve her memories and save those she loves the most. As the bonds of love tighten and the danger increases, Melissa must find the strength to fight in a world that threatens to take everything she's ever loved or needed away from her. With so much on the line, can the Rebel Princess be the savior they all need?



The Second book of the Wings of Artemis series begins when Melissa must do everything she can to save her men from the person who kidnapped them. As she plots, and plans to save them and get them away from her, more danger is just around the corner and it will happen when she least expects it. 

This book starts off explosive and just goes from there! It has a huge twist in it that throws you for a loop, and keeps you hooked till the very end. I really enjoyed this one a lot. 
I loved how Melissa handled everything, and how she was a changed person from her old self and her new self. It was the perfect mix of both. 

I also loved how she fought for her daughter, and did everything she could to make her safe. This was a great sequel to the first book! 

The only disappointing thing to this book was the fact that this is the end. 
The author did a great job of bringing in new friends and enemies in this awesome book, and I look forward to more good reads from this author. 
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