Monday, July 4, 2016

Title: Paladin
Series: Elemental Paladins #2
Author: Montana Ash

Honour. Duty. Loyalty. Control. These are the principles Darius lives by – almost to the point of obsession. They had forged him into a noble knight but had also cost him the woman of his dreams and wrought a non-relenting hatred for his personal nemeses; the shades. 

When a tiny, redheaded, whirlwind of trouble descends upon him and his fellow knights in a flurry of questions and impossibilities, Darius finds himself struggling to reconcile his past values with his future desires. 

For Diana, the arrival of Max brings with it a portent; revolution. As a paladin of death, acceptance is at her core. So embracing the sarcastic powerhouse as her sworn liege is easy. But embracing a certain air paladin who is a pathological rule-follower? Well, that isn’t so easy, despite the attraction they have shared for centuries. 
With Darius confronted by his demons and a bitter Warden bent on exacting revenge, will the two knights ever reach their happily ever after?



Paladin begins not long after the first book ends. But this time the book is in Diana and Darius's point of view, along with Max and Ryker as well. 
This one starts with Max's friends joining her and getting the cool "tattoo." Darius, however, isn't taking the bait yet. The know that Max is more than any of them could have imagined, but he doesn't know how she fits into their life and what the consequences will be when the Council finds out. Add into the fact that Diana is getting under his skin as well things are going to be explosive for poor, Sir Darius. 

This book was really good. I loved how it gave us different characters point of views that really added to the story and made it much more interesting. 
Paladin also brought us a lot of more information about the characters, and their world they live in. 

I loved the progress of this book, the humor, characters, and the whole plot line. It kept me interested and hooked till the very end. Now, I'm super excited for the next book as well. 
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