Friday, June 24, 2016

Title: Warprize
Series: Chronicles of the Warlands #1
Author: Elizabeth Vaughan


Xylara is the Daughter of the Warrior King, Xyron. With her father dead and her incompetent half-brother on the throne, the kingdom is in danger of falling to the warring Firelanders. 

Before she was old enough for a marriage-of-alliance, Xylara was trained as a healer. She can't usurp her brother or negotiate a peace--but she can heal the brave ones injured in battle.

But not only her countrymen are wounded, and Xylara's conscience won't let Firelander warriors die when she can do something to save them. She learns their language and their customs and tries to make them as comfortable as possible, despite their prisoner-of-war status.

She never expects that these deeds, done in good faith, would lead to the handsome and mysterious Firelander Warlord demanding her in exchange for a cease-fire. Xylara knows must trade the life she has always known for the well-being of her people, and so she becomes...

The Warprize


Warprize begins with Lara being a dedicated healer to her people, but also to the soldiers that her half-brother, who is king, has taken prisoner. She took an oath to heal all no matter who or what they are. And when her people finally lose the fights, she must sacrifice herself to the enemy in order for peace to reign. 

She will become the Warprize.

This book was extremely interesting. I really loved the plot line, it starts of getting to know about Lara and her people. Then you learn about the enemy. It was a great way to get you pulled into the book. 

But what really kept me interested was the heroine herself. She was a very strong woman who would do anything for those needing help. I truly admired her, and I enjoyed getting to see her in a new environment as well. 

This book was overall really good. It had a great plot line set at a steady pace, and very well rounded characters. I wouldn't mind reading more in this series either. 
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