Thursday, June 30, 2016

Title: Kidnapped By Her Husbands
Series: Wings of Artemis #1
Author: Rebecca Royce

Alone in prison.
No recollection of the past.
A baby grows inside her.

In a futuristic world where women are scarce and only the wealthy can afford a wife, Melissa Alexander is trapped in a prison rehabilitation center with no memory of who she is. The unborn child growing inside her is all that keeps them from making her pay for the sins she's committed--sins she cannot recall. But when five sexy strangers, claiming to be her husbands, kidnap her and bring her to safety, Melissa fears she can't trust them. All she can remember is what she was taught under the prison's watchful, vengeful eye: to hate them. But how can she hate--or love--what she can't remember?



Kidnapped By Her Husbands begins when Melissa wakes up and doesn't remember anything about herself, but when people start to tell her she had a mind wipe in order to do better now things start to make sense. At least to her they start to make sense. But what if everything she is being taught is completely wrong, and there's more going on to her than what she realized? 

As she ends up getting "kidnapped" by strange men things get even more interesting and confusing for Melissa. And it may all turn out badly if she doesn't get her memories back sooner rather than later. 

This book caught my attention from the description. I really enjoy the reverse harem type of stories and this one seemed very interesting. Add in the different planets, space travel, romance, and a heroine whose lost, but slowly trying to figure things out about who she is and was, and you have an epic tale that sucks you and won't let you out. 

The story was riveting from the very first page, and just gets better as you continue reading. It was also very interesting to see Melissa have different personalities. She's so different, and while some may not really like how she acted in the "flashbacks" I believe she had a reason to be this one, and she truly does care about the men in her life. 

Now, this one does leave off on a cliffhanger, but although cliffhangers are frustrating, it really makes you want to read the next book asap! 
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