Monday, May 2, 2016

Title: When Nothing Is All You've Got
Author: Kristy Dallas

“Move like the wind, protect your face, keep your eyes on the target, and don’t get dead.”

I am the daughter of a King,
but I am no princess.
I am loathed by many,
but feared by more.
To one I was nothing,
to another I am everything.
I am a pawn in their game,
a fighter in their ring.
My name is Nada,
and this is life in the underworld.

“If your heart still beats and air still fills your lungs, you get up and you keep fighting.”

I am the son to good people,
But I am not a good person.
Blood stains my hands,
Murder marks my soul.
To one, I am everything,
To others, I am nothing.
I am a soldier of death,
A dark assassin in their prison.
My name is Shadow,
And this is life in the Underworld.

A standalone Dystopian novel

Due to sexual content, violence and bad language, this book is recommended for readers 18 years +. It is a DARK dystopian romance! Dark...yet beautiful.


This story begins with Nada being the best fighter of the underworld, and having the father who is king wanting to kill her. But he needs her right now because she makes him money. The problem is when Shadow is told to keep an eye on her things start to get a little bit more interesting. 

Nada and Shadow each have pasts that haunt them, but Nada is fierce and Shadow is willing to do anything to protect her. However, this could end up leading to their ruin. 

This book was different kind of dystopia novel. It was really interested, and overall a very good read. 

It was extremely dark though. So, if your not into that or not in the mood for it then beware. It had a lot of twists and the plot line was great. And the relationship between Nada and Shadow was really pretty awesome, even though I wish we could have seen more between them. 

But the story did end with an HEA oddly enough since there really wasn't much happy throughout the book. 
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