Saturday, May 14, 2016

Title: The Queen of All that Lives
Series: The Fallen World #3
Author: Laura Thalassa

She’s a martyr.
A myth.
A ghost.
A legend.
She’s my soulmate and my captive, my conscience and my wrath. I love her too much to let her die; I fear her too much to wake her from her slumber.
She’s mine.
And now she’s gone.

He’s unnatural.
He’s the keeper of lies and lost souls. Mine slipped through his clutches.
I am his wife, his queen, the love of his very long life.
And soon, I will be his executioner.



The Queen of All that Lives begins when some enemies of the King are able to awaken his Queen and kidnap her. They completely underestimated the Queen, however. They didn't realize that she's just as dangerous as the King if not more so. And now, when she realizes the things that the King and others have done to her she wants revenge, and to finally put an end to this war. 

This book was spectacular. It was a perfect ending to this awesome action packed series. 
I adored the Queen and how she reacted to everything going on. And I really loved the change in the King as well. These two were great together, I just wish they had been a little more open with each other though. That would have been better, but it was still completely awesome. 

And now I'm super sad to see the end of this. But I loved the ending it was great! 
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