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Title: Masked
Series: The Citizen Saga #4
Author: Nicola Claire

Freedom has a price tag…

It was never going to be easy, but Trent Masters had thought, when Wánměi gained its freedom, that at the very least the heavy weight of oppression would be lifted. Tyranny can take on many forms, though. Even the unassuming shape of a new President who was once a revolutionary.

But although Lee Tan is in charge, he’s not quite in control…

Sabotage and terrorism have become the new price of freedom, and with them also emerges a brand new caste. The Masked model themselves on saviours, knights in shining armour, but are they saints or sinners? And where have they come from?

Former Elite, Lena Carr, however, has more than just the piece by piece destruction of her recovering nation to contend with. The ghosts of her past have come back to haunt her, dragging her down into a dark abyss. She needs her rebel leader to ground her. She needs the man she has fallen for to stand at her side. To never leave her.

But the price they all must pay is very steep.

Citizen versus Masked. The battle continues…


Title: Wiped
Series: The Citizen Saga #5
Author: Nicola Claire

Freedom has a price tag…

Trent Masters had always known he’d do anything to keep his Elite safe. He’d promised he would, and if there is anything the former rebel leader is good at, it’s following through with a promise. 

He’d just never realised his promise could bring so much pain…

Wánměi is now free, but it is no longer alone. Allies and enemies encroach from all sides, but staying on the island that once lived behind invisible walls is impossible. In order to keep their freedom, and free those they once discarded, the Citizens of Wánměi must fight.

Lena Carr has learned to roll with the punches, but having almost lost Trent, to the sadistic machinations of an oppressive regime from across the waters, she knows leaving the safe harbour of Wánměi could prove costly.

But just how much is the Elite willing to pay?

Citizen versus Wiped. The battle gets costly!


Masked and Wiped are the last (well, maybe the last) two books in the Citizen Saga! 
They are actually semi similar except for some crazy diffierences. 

In Masked, there are a lot more of Trent's point of view, which was just awesome! Not ony that though there are a whole lot of crazy things popping up that neither Lena nor Trent could ever imagine. And it's a whirlwind for Lena to find out all of this news. But Trent will be right by her side till the bitter end no matter what happens. 

However, in Wiped things start off very rocky between Trent and Lena. These two seem to be fighting each other as well as their enemies. And now that they've traveled to this new area they are all learning more secrets they never wanted to know. But when some bad things happen to Lena again, and she ends up in more danger the rest are willing to do what they can to protect her no matter what. 

In the end, it seems things may actually start getting better. However, I was a little bit annoyed by the way it ended in Wiped. It was actually frustrating. I was expecting a little bit more, and I also didn't really understand that stuff with Trent. I was kind of hoping it would be Lena. That made more sense to me. 

Other than that I really loved both of these two books. They didn't seem to be as long as previous books, but they were still really good. 

I really enjoy this series, and I highly recommend it.

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