Thursday, April 14, 2016

Title: Un.Bridled
Series: Claimed #2
Author: Reese Morgan

After losing a member of their own, Cole’s pack struggles to reclaim their stability. But every step forward comes with two steps back, presenting new obstacles the pack must overcome. Standing in the backlash of Devan’s absence, Hayden feels isolated and helpless. She strives to establish her position as female Alpha, but each attempt backfires and sets her further apart from the others. 

Ironically, the one member she tries to avoid rebuffs her efforts and becomes her pillar of support. Cole won’t see her fall and continuously sets her back on her feet. She’ll need every source of strength available when the rogues finally unveil their plans. But not everything is what it seems, as one discovery only leads to more questions and more uncertainties.


After the horrible betrayal at the end of the first book, Hayden and her pack are trying to figure everything out. But when more conflict arises between them, and Hayden and Cole aren't doing to great either. Things start to slowly shift gears. 

However, the rogues are coming after them, and so hare the hunters. Things are getting tense between all of these groups, and it's about to hit the fan. 

This book was a great addition to this series. Finally there was different kind of interaction between Cole and Hayden. However, it still wasn't exactly what I wanted. But alas, that's okay. 

Un.Bridled had a lot of drama in it. There were some crazy things going on and I'm a little bit worried about what's going to happen in the next book. 

But overall this one was really good! I really enjoy this series, and look forward to more. 
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