Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Title: The Traitor's Daughter
Author: Mary Goldberger

Sometimes even the best-laid plans can be broken with a single meeting.
Grace Hawkins was a werewolf, a special werewolf, the daughter of an Alpha and Beta. Unfortunately, she lost her both of her parents in an attack on the pack and if that was not enough, the pack blamed her father for the attack. From the age of 14, either the pack ignored her existence, or as for those of her own age, she became the local walking insult. Grace learned to deal with the bullying and insults, even the rejection of her mate she takes in stride because the death of her parents left her without anyone. As the years past, Grace learns more about who her parents really were, so she makes a plan. On her 21st birthday, she will say goodbye to the pack that made her life miserable after her parents’ death. Everything changes though when a new pack arrives seeking some aid and Grace’s world turns completely around. In this pack, she will meet a man who is her mate, a mate she was not suspecting and at the same time, strange things began to happen. She starts getting late night calls that go from harassing to threatening, and if that is not enough, her once ‘best friend’ learns that the man she thought was her mate for the last six years is not, and even more, the man who marked her was the one who rejected Grace. What is Grace to do when all of this comes out into the open? What about the new man that her wolf claims as her mate? Things become even more complicated when she learns that he had another mate before and a woman who believes that he is just right for her. Well, Grace knows one thing; her life will never be the same even for the ‘traitor’s daughter’.
(Some sexual content so please be advised.)


The Traitor's Daughter begins with Grace losing everything. She's lost her family, the pack has turned on her, and her mate rejected her. But she's not broken, she's still going to stand on her own. 

After years of being alone, a new man comes into her life. But the problem is these two each have a past, and someone is after Grace and wants to hurt her. Grace's new friends are worried about her, and things just keep getting more and more complicated. But Grace won't let anyone get hurt if she can help it. 

This book was really interested. I really loved Grace, she was very strong and resilient. I adored her and her new mate together they were great. I also really liked how she became friends with new people too. 

Overall this one was very enjoyable, and I liked it. 
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