Sunday, April 10, 2016

Title: The Queen of Traitors
Series: The Fallen World #2
Author: Laura Thalassa

They say I am a queen.
They say I married a monster. That I did so willingly.
They say he cannot die, that he does not age. That together, we rule a ravaged world.
They say I used to be one of them, but now I am a traitor.
They say many things, all which I cannot remember, but …

I fear what they say is true.

Then there is what they don’t say, what I see in their eyes—
The king terrifies them. He cannot be stopped. And, most worrisome of all …

He is coming for me.


This second book in the series begins right after the first one left off, the nasty cliffhanger. 
Anyways, this one begins with Serenity having lost her memory and is now in the hands of the resistance. She has no idea who she is or why they have her, but when they say the King wants her back things get a lot more interesting.  The problem is someone is still after Serenity, and the King has no idea who it is. 

This book ended in a really crazy cliffhanger. I literally had my mouth hanging open wonder WTF just happen!  I lost a whole lot of respect for the King because of what he ends up doing. I couldn't believe that! 

Other than that this book was awesome! Not as good as the first one, but it was still really good.  And now I cannot wait for the next one! 
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