Thursday, April 7, 2016

Title: Posse: The Duoviri
Author: T. Hammond

I’ve lived through thousands of years and countless lifetimes. I’ve lead men to war, and been the cause of a few. I am a warrior, mother, widow, and a proxy shapeshifter.

You know my names and heard tales of my bravery, ferocity, passion, and strength, but you don’t know the real stories- after all, history has been written by men who paint the accomplishments of women with a tainted brush. 

I have many names; one of them was Boudicca.

As the last of my line, and the strongest of the shapeshifters, I lead a posse of paranormal warriors. I am the Duoviri, the judge, jury, and executioner for our society, the Eximium.

If you turn Rogue, mine will be the last face you see.

This prequel novella tells the backstory of the Duoviri, the supernatural community's sheriff, and her Juris, deputy.

WARNING: The Duoviri is wrapped around true historic events. This novella contains reference to the rape of Boudicca's daughters, a pivotal incident that fueled her anger against the Romans. While not graphic or drawn out in my re-telling, the rape is part of this story and may be a trigger for some readers.

Reading Order:
Posse: The Duoviri, prequel novella
Posse: Legends (book 1)
Posse: The Dragon Gods (book 2) Summer 2016
Posse: The Fall of Atlantis (book 3) Winter 2016


This story begins many many years ago. It's basically the story of how the hero and heroine came to be and how their roles in life came to be. This is more an informative story than an actual story. 

While, I thought this one was interesting, it does lack a lot of dialogue and spark, but again that's not really what it's meant for. I am glad to have read this one first before reading the first book though. Because once I start reading the first book all of this stuff will make much more sense. 
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