Thursday, April 7, 2016

Title: Ishtar's Blade
Author: Lisa Blackwood

King’s confidant. 
Avenging blade of the Goddess Ishtar. 

Iltani asked to be none of these things. Yet fate does not ask permission when she weaves souls upon destiny’s loom. 

On the day of Iltani’s birth, an assassin tried and nearly succeeded in ending the line of the gryphon kings. Out of that bloodshed, an unbreakable bond was forged between child-king and goddess-chosen infant, and from that pivotal moment forward, Iltani was never farther from King Ditanu than his shadow. Not until her training to become Ishtar’s Blade required her to leave. 

After four brutal years of training, Iltani now returns to court as Ishtar’s Blade and takes up her role of king’s shadow—a dangerous position in a court where the threat of another assassination is but a blade’s width away. But for the chance to stand at the side of her beloved king, she will endure the dangers of court intrigues, assassins, and political maneuverings. 


Ishtar's Blade begins when Iltani is finally to return home after four years of training to be the king's blade. However, once home it's a lot different than she imagined, and it seems the king, his wife, and their oldest friend are all keeping secrets from her. 

Iltani has a lot to learn before she can take on this fight, but along the way she gets the help of her best friend and the man she's been in love with for years. 

This book was very good. The heroine was very strong, and courage. And I really enjoyed her and the king's relationship. However, some parts of the book where somewhat confusing, but it explains itself in the end, and it turns out a lot better. 

This ended with a pretty happy ending, and I really enjoyed it. Even though I really didn't like the fact that the king had a "wife" it still works out in the end. This was a very interesting fantasy read with lots of action, and some romance. 
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