Sunday, March 20, 2016

Title: A Little Street Magic
Series: Discord Jones #6
Author: Gayla Drummond
Discord is helping the police again as a series of gruesome murders and thefts rock Santo Trueno, while also facing a personal threat: Exposure by a stubborn, nosy reporter who believes she’s Thorandryll’s girlfriend.

The psychic PI has had enough, and vows to take control of both her life and job—even while her visions are becoming as intense as her relationship with Logan. 


A Little Street Magic begins with Discord is invited to help out on a case. The problem is they are starting to figure out that the person or people doing it may have psychic abilities, and worse they have a lot of very good ones. Now, she must enlist the help of all of her allies in order to figure out who is killing people and why. 

Along the way some good things happen with Logan, and herself. She starts to come to terms with who she is now, and what must be done. 

This was a great addition to this series! I really adored this book. I love how Logan and Cordi started acting around each other. And I also really enjoyed how she changed some in this one. She was ready to face everything head on and it made her much more likable. 

I cannot wait for more now! 
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