Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Title: The First Time in Forever
Author: J.C. Amato

For seventeen year old Melody Williams, life is a constant struggle to stay alive and one step ahead of those who seek to reclaim her. In one brief instant, her solitary life is turned upside down when Issac James, a member of the one of the world's hottest singing groups runs, into her, literally with his little blue Porsche. Along with his band mates and best friends, Tyler, Jesse, Tristan and their manager Damon, her life just is no longer lonely, but just got a whole lot more complicated.


This book begins when Melody is hit by a car. The guy driving the car ends up taking her to his house to help her get to feeling better. Little does he know that she's full of secrets, and that their whole world is about to change. 

Melody has been running for a long time, and now she finally feels safe. But that may not last forever. 

This book had an interesting story line. And I liked it a lot. However, I felt like something was missing from it. I'm not really sure what, but maybe there just wasn't enough of it really. And then it ended in a crazy cliffhanger. I am interested in reading more in this series. 
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