Monday, March 28, 2016

Title: Finding My Pack
Author: Lane Whitt

Sixteen year old Kitten has spent her entire life looking out for and taking care of herself. When a terrifying event leaves her bloody and bruised she is taken in by 8 men who show her more kindness than she has ever known. What will happen when she finds out the secrets they keep? They may be more connected than they all thought when secrets about Kitten begin to surface as well. 

This is a reverse-harem book. (One girl, multiple guys) This is not erotica but does contain scenes that are not suitable for readers under the age of 16. 

This book is the first in it's series. Cliffhanger warning.


Kitten has been homeless her whole life. She's used to a harsh reality, and fending for herself. But after being attacked one night, and found by two guys things change for her. 
She's taken to a very nice house with eight guys living there. Things seem plenty strange to Kitten, but she's never really known what normal was anyways. 

However, as her feelings grow stronger for each of these guys, and they learn more about her secrets come out and their whole world is soon turned upside down. 

I thoroughly enjoyed this reverse harem read! It has a really strong heroine, and 8 great alpha males! Plus it also has some paranormal aspects to is as well. 

This story sucked me in from he beginning and didn't let me go till the bitter cliffhanger ending. Now, I'm super excited to read the next one. 

This story is just fascinating and you can't help but fall in love with all of the characters. 
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