Thursday, March 31, 2016

Title: Draco
Series: The Stardust Series #2
Author: Autumn Reed & Julia Clarke

It’s been two weeks since Haley Jones turned eighteen and her life was turned upside down. While searching for her dad, Haley is adjusting to life in Santa Cruz with a new job and friends. Surrounded by six dangerously appealing guys, she’s still trying to figure out just who Liam, Knox, Ethan, Chase, Theo, and Jackson are and what they do. From a twenty-first birthday party to a swanky costume gala, Haley discovers just how difficult it can be to fit in and that maybe it’s okay to stand out.


Draco takes place right after the first one begins. Haley is now in Santa Cruz and her life seems to just be getting started. She is now going to be working for the company her "guys" work for. And on top of that she's going to be experiencing a lot more people, outings and new things. But Haley still wants answers, and she knows that they still aren't being truthful about certain things. 

Haley, however, is keeping secrets of her own now. But will it end up leading to their downfall. 

This book was just as great as the first one! I truly love this series. I love how Haley acts. She's really not sure about things, but she's still going to try it. And she doesn't really fit in with others, but she's trying to figure out her place now. 

This book was great, even though I hated knowing that little bit in the end. Because now I'm dying for the next book! 
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