Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Title: Before Hadley
Author: Coleen Kwan

Cassie Cooper has never been the kind of girl noticed for her looks. But around billionaire Kirk Rochester, her best friend from college, Cassie wishes she could turn just one head—his. So when Kirk asks her to be his pretend girlfriend to thwart another woman's unwanted advances, Cassie embraces the opportunity to prove to him that she does have a feminine side.

Disillusioned by a rough marriage that had an even rougher end, Kirk values friendship more than romance. He’s always had a good thing going with Cassie. But he can’t ignore how sexy she is now playing the role of his girlfriend, and soon he’s fighting a dangerous attraction to her. Even though their time between the sheets is scorching hot, he refuses to take it beyond “friends with benefits.” He’s learned the hard way that loving someone is the first step to destroying his heart, and he won’t risk losing the best person in his life by falling in love with her.


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Best Friends With The Billionaire begins when Cassie returns to the US for her sister's wedding in two weeks. She then gets to see her best friend from college, who she's secretly been in love with, but it doesn't go exactly how she thought it would. 

The Billionaire Kirk adores his best friend, and realizes that he has drifted apart the last few years. He misses her a lot, and wants more time with her. But when he things her living with him again and pretending to be his girlfriend will be a good idea, he couldn't have been more wrong. 

The girl whose secretly been in love with her best friend for years... 

and the guy who never noticed her and decided love wasn't for him.. 

will meet in this exciting, fun, and sometimes a little sad journey of friendship and love! 

This book was really very good! I adored Cassie! While at times I thought she was a bit of a coward, I still thought she handled everything very well. And she never acted catty or constantly crying or in hysterics because of the way Kirk acted around her. 
I admired her for her inner strength. 

And while I found Kirk was very immature early on, I felt he realized his mistakes well and did his best to make up for them. 

This was a very entertaining and enjoyable read! 
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