Thursday, March 3, 2016

TitleLDK Vol. 2
Author: Ayu Watanabe

LOVE RIVALS Aoi appears to finally be coming to terms with her feelings for Shusei. But before she can come to a conclusion, she witnesses a shocking scene between Shusei and a beautiful woman. However, it turns out that Shusei is not the only one who's popular with the opposite sex, as a younger rival enters the fray and vies for Aoi's attention. One boy is enough headache, but what will Aoi do with two gorgeous boys as love interests?


The second volume of LDK begins when Shusei and Aoi find a girl at his front door. The thing is, Aoi is just now trying to figure out her feelings for Shusei, and having someone else come into the picture may not be what she needs. However, Shusei isn't the only one who has people liking him. Aoi finds an admirer who won't stay away. These two will go through a few more trials before Aoi really begins to understand how she feels. Let's hope it isn't too late. 

I loved how this one picked up right where the first one left off. However, I was totally not expecting who that woman was, or to learn so much more about Shusei's past. We learn some strange things that may make it hard for Aoi later on in the series. 

But we also learn that Aoi is finally coming to realize her feelings, and she's just not sure what to do about them next. 

I'm really looking forward to more in this manga. I enjoyed the plot a lot, it was interesting, romantic, and funny at times. Overall this one was really good! 
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