Tuesday, March 1, 2016

TitleLDK Vol. 1
Series: L♥DK #1
Author: Ayu Watanable

LIVING, DINING, KITCHEN?LOVE? Aoi Nishimori is a high school girl who lives alone in her own apartment, but to her surprise, she discovers that the prince of her school, Shusei Kugayama, has moved in next door! To add to this, a series of crazy happenings result in the two living together under a single roof! Shusei is known to be a heartless guy and Aoi particularly hates him after he coldly rejected her best friend, so a life of cohabitation seems like a recipe for disaster. And yet, Aoi somehow can't stop her heart from pounding when she's with Shusei? 


This manga begins when Aoi's best friend is rejected by the prince of her school, Shusei Kugayama. Aoi isn't going to stand for that so she confronts him, but things don't actually turn out as she would like. As she starts to dislike him she ends up realizing that he actually lives next to her. 

And after she ends up helping him and then an unfortunate incident occurs, these two must end up living together. Things don't go so well again for Aoi. She doesn't know how to tell her best friend, and she doesn't understand the feelings she has towards Shusei. 

This manga was really good. It made me laugh, and has a major romantic connection between the hero and heroine. 

The only problem I had was the best friend getting in the way. I mean, she really didn't, but it just got on my nerves. I'm interested to see what happened after that crazy ending though! 
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