Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Title: Sweet Seduction Secrets
Series: Sweet Seduction #8
Author: Nicola Claire

“Life is not meant to be easy. It’s a challenge you have to rise to every single day. We’ve all got demons inside us. We’ve all got secrets that could drag us down into an abyss.”

Infiltrating the enemy has never been a problem for Charlie Downes. She’s spent the past ten years pretending to be someone she’s not, all in the name of crown and country. New Zealand may be a small South Pacific nation, but there is nothing trifling about its security taskforce. And her employer, despite being a shadow dwelling organisation, takes security of its state very seriously.

But her latest assignment on home soil is set to be her most challenging. Pitted against a private security firm with skills - and operatives - both unexpected and surprising, Charlie finds out more than she bargained for. And the truth will indeed enlighten. But can she remain emotionless when the hunter becomes the prey? And can she ignore how being hunted makes her feel?

Because the moment she lays eyes on Adam Savill everything changes. Her assignment. Her objectives. Her entire world. And if Adam has his way, Charlie will be changed forever.

International espionage. Counter terrorism. Mob syndicates. And drug cartels. Everything clashes in this exciting conclusion to the Sweet Seduction Series. And as Charlie and Adam chase down the enemy, dodging bullets and emotions, all the while fighting their explosive attraction to one another, secrets are revealed that shock them all.

For knowing her secret could get you killed. And Charlie Downes’ secret is most definitely lethal.



The final book of the Sweet Seduction series begins when Charlie gets hired by ASI. The problem is she has a lot of a secrets, a lot more than ASI could actually deal with. And then there's Adam. Charlie and Adam can't seem to stay away from each other, and neither one of them knows what's going on between them, but they also know they can't trust each other either. The secrets being kept through out this book are crazy, and one too many may end up putting them all in danger. 

This book was phenomenal. I couldn't believe how much of a badass Charlie was! But not only that it was great to see the ASI family, and how they reacted to Charlie. 
I also really enjoyed Charlie and Adam together as well! It was really great! These two were so much a like yet so different as well. 

This story got you hooked, then proceeded to keep you captivated by the intrigue, suspense, and romance while wondering what the heck is going on as well. 

I adored this final book of this series. 
The only thing I would have wished it had was a little bit more reaction from Adam, and the ASI team once everything was over with, just have a conclusion with them in it and their reaction to Charlie. Otherwise it was amazing as it was and I adored it! 
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