Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Title: Best Kase Scenario
Series: Hyde #2
Author: Layla Frost


Tall and short.

Inked and unmarked.

Golden and porcelain.

Soft dreads and wild red.

Dark and… darker.

Keeping more secrets than a teenage girl's diary, Harlow Cooper hides a lot behind her bubbly personality. College student and intern. Loyal friend and loving daughter. Fangirl and girly girl. Lover of strong coffee and even stronger margaritas. Former bartender and current… Well, let’s just say she’s suddenly in need of pasties and an industrial sized drum of glitter.

Quick with a smile and joke, people assume Kase Teo is all ego with a slacker follow-through. But lurking behind his hauntingly beautiful blue eyes is an ocean. Knowledge, quick wit, experience, pain… There are depths to Kase that most don’t see. If there’s one thing he’s learned, it’s that life’s all about appreciating the beauty.

For Kase, that means going after the redhead that’s set up residence in his mind. And his fantasies.

Now he needs her to see life’s more than just a best case scenario.

***Warning: This book is intended for adults. It contains frequent adult language and situations.

Though it can be read as a standalone, it is STRONGLY recommended you read Hyde and Seek first.



Best Kase Scenario begins when Harlow decides she has to find another job. She just got fired, and really needs the money. She has a lot of responsibilities and school to pay for, so when all else fails she turns to do something she never thought she would do before. 

Kase has known Harlow for a while and has done his best to figure out his plan and feelings. But when he sees her in the last place he ever expected, something snaps in him and he's going to have her no matter what. 

Harlow is use to secrets, and when Kase barges into her life and wants to know everything about her she has no idea how to deal with it. But as time goes on she comes to learn that she needs him far more than she imagined. 

These two start out rough, but they endure a funny, and exciting story to get their happily ever after. 

This book was awesome! I adored it a whole heck of a lot!! I loved Harlow. She was the And totally one of my favorite heroines. Then of course there is the amazing Kase as well. He was great and a total alpha male. 

I loved the story as well, it had me laughing out loud (earning strange looks from the hubby while I did laugh) and I was hooked! 

It also had a great HEA, and awesome side characters. It was great to see characters from previous books, and meet a few new characters as well. I can not wait for more!! 
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