Saturday, January 23, 2016

Title: Zombie King
Series: Shifter Squad #2
Author: J.C. Diem

Lexi Levine's life changed forever the night she became a werewolf. She was only meant to be a temporary addition to the Shifter Squad, but at barely eighteen, she is now a permanent member of the team. 

Well used to facing danger, none of the squad is prepared to meet Lexi's father. Major Philip Levine is a sniper with unparalleled skills. He has returned from his overseas mission to seek answers. Even Lexi isn't sure how he will react when he meets the squad for the first time. 

Still coming to terms with her new role as a shifter, she is in denial about the mysterious link that has sprung up between her and Agent Reece Garrett. She hopes in vain that if she pretends that it doesn't exist, it will just go away. 

If the team manages to survive her father’s anger, they must then face an even bigger threat. A voodoo practitioner has been raising corpses in New Orleans and the Shifter Squad has been ordered to investigate. If they fail to stop the man who calls himself the Zombie King, his undead minions will soon overrun the city.


The second book in the Shifter Squad series begins with Lexi's dad paying a visit because she is now a werewolf. And not only that but things between Lexi and Reese are getting a little crazy as well. Her crush has turned into more, and she feels that he doesn't like her at all. And now they have to worry about these strange "Zombies" that are attacking people. Lexi and her friends must work together in order to save the city and figure out what's going on with Lexi. 

This one was good as well. The only bad thing in this was how Lexi was a lot more emotional. I liked the first one where she could turn off her emotions a lot, but in this one it seemed really hard for her to do. But I loved the storyline of this one, and all the new things we learned about Lexi, and her new friends. I especially loved things between Lexi and Reese. However, I wish more would start to happen between them, I was a little bit frustrated with the way things went towards the end between these two. But I'm hoping it gets better in the next book. I really love this series, and I can't wait to read more. 
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