Saturday, January 30, 2016

Title: Web Master
Series: Shifter Squad #8
Author: J.C. Diem

Lexi has faced many difficult challenges since becoming a member of the Shifter Squad. All were apparently designed to teach her the skills she needs to undertake the duty that Fate has given her. As absurd as it may seem, she is destined to save the world. Thankfully, she won’t have to tackle this daunting task alone.

The rival organization known as EERI are somehow involved in the coming threat. The Squad’s goal is to hunt down the rival organization’s leader and end them before they can destroy mankind. Before they can embark on their search, they are sidetracked by a new mission.

As they begin to close in on their enemy, a new threat arises that heralds the beginning of the end. Their target knows their weaknesses and they will do anything they can to destroy the team’s morale. Lexi was told that she has all the tools she needs to fight her nemesis, but not even her new speed and strength will be enough to save the life of someone she loves.


Web Master kicks off with Lexi and the gang facing a whole new enemy, this time spiders. But the problem goes a lot farther than what they originally thought. Now, everything is finally coming to a head, and Lexi's team is one step closer to figuring out who is behind the threat that is after them and everyone else in the world. 

This book had a lot of action, but some new things from Lexi that was freaking amazing to see. And of course there were also a lot more things that I loved between Lexi and Reese. Then the cliffhanger ending that leaves you wanting more, but excited for the next one even though it will be the last. 

Overall this was a great book. It really brought answers to a lot of questions that were still lingering, and now I'm excited for the grand finale. 
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