Saturday, January 30, 2016

Title: Vampire Matriarch
Series: Shifter Squad #7
Author: J.C. Diem

On a quest to hunt down her mother, Lexi underestimates just how powerful the vampirism in her system has become. Intent on murder, she is instead drawn in by false promises and sweet lies. Katrina rules her nest through intimidation and fear, but she possesses a talent that no other undead creature has ever had before. This makes her far harder to kill than Lexi had anticipated. It will take cunning and ingenuity to end the master vampire’s life. 

Lexi isn't the only one who is suffering. Reece is going through his own form of torment. The perfect life he’d experienced in a succubus induced dream is just a figment of his imagination. Nothing is as he’d expected since leaving the Shifter Squad and joining his pack. 

At the next full moon, Lexi becomes something that has never existed before. Part wolf, part vampire and part something else, she sets out to confront the mate who abandoned her. Reece Garrett is responsible for her becoming an abomination. She decides that it is high time he answered for what he did to her.


Lexi loose the final connection to her mate, and now she's after her mother to make sure neither of them survive the confrontation. But when something bad happens, and Lexi is turned into something more, all she wants now is revenge on the one person who hurt her the most, Reese. 

However, Reese is in his own form of torment. Life isn't at all what he thought it would be, and while Lexi was forced to end her bond, he is still connected to her, and he's in really bad shape. 

This causes Lexi to do things she never thought were possible, and eventually she and Reese will have a lot to work through to fix the mess that has been made. 

This book was wonderful! I thoroughly enjoyed getting to see a different side to Lexi. And I love that she's really powerful now. I also enjoyed seeing her get back at Reese, and learning more about that whole situation. Now, I'm even more excited to read more. 
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