Saturday, January 30, 2016

Title: Snake Charmer
Series: Shifter Squad #6
Author: J.C. Diem

Defying the cycle of the moon that binds all shape shifters, Lexi transforms into her alter ego in an attempt to flee from her sorrow and anguish. Little does she know that no matter how far or fast she runs, she can’t escape from her grief at being abandoned by her mate. 

Locked in her werewolf form, it takes a catastrophe to force her to become human again. Stepping back into her normal life isn’t easy, but Lexi must set aside her personal problems when one of her friends goes missing during their next mission. The team needs her to step up and become an alpha in deed rather than just in name. 

Even during her prolonged time spent as a werewolf, the vampirism has been insidiously spreading through her. The time is coming when Lexi will reach the point of no return. Soon, she will become the very thing that the Shifter Squad hunts down and destroys.


Lexi is running around as a werewolf after the destroying news she received. Now, something horrible is the only thing that wakes up her and brings her back to being human. But now she must learn how to be a true alpha, and be there for her friends and family before she ends up turning into something horrible, but that may all end up null and void when something else happens to break Lexi. 

This was another great addition to this series. After the last cliffhanger ending I was left feeling as destroyed and anguished as Lexi. I couldn't believe what happened, and now I'm super anxious to read more. Especially with the way this one ends. Lexi is becoming one of my favorite characters, she's strong even though life keeps throwing her all kinds of torment. And in this one you really get to see how much of a family Lexi and her friends are. That was just beautiful as well. Now, I'm off to read the next one. 
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