Sunday, January 3, 2016

Title: Hyde and Seek
Series: Hyde #1
Author: Layla frost

Piper Skye is rock ‘n’ roll. She’s party all night, sleep all day. She’s get wild and be free.

Or she would be if she had the time. 

And the energy.

And not being so awkward would probably help, too. 

As the owner of a thriving dessert business, Piper spends her days at school and her nights elbow deep in batter and frosting. She’s confident her hard work and sacrifice will pay off as long as she stays focused and sticks to the plan.

Fate, as it often does, has other ideas. Plus, a killer sense of humor.

When Piper takes her delivery van to a custom auto garage for some work, she finds herself with front row seats to an unexpected hot guy parade. And the tall badass with the gorgeous face, sexy stubble, and all-knowing green eyes? 

He’s the Grand Master of that parade.

Too bad he's also immune to the sweet, tattooed baker. 

With a new group of friends and something vaguely resembling a personal life, it isn’t long before Piper’s plans take a giant left turn. 

And they do it on the back of a Harley. 

*Warning: This book is intended for adults. It contains frequent adult language and situations.

Don’t try this at home.

At least not without stretching first.

Maybe keep the sneakers on for traction, too.

***This is book one in a series, but each book will be a STANDALONE with a new couple. NO cliffhanger.***


Hyde and Seek begins when Piper is having work done on her van. She needs to make sure it will keep her cakes cool, and get a better sound system in it. But what she didn't expect to find was Jake and a whole garage full of new friends. But that's what happened. 
Jake on the other hand has no idea what to do with Piper. She's different than most woman, and he's not sure if he can believe her or not.

But when feelings get involved, and things start to change their whole world gets turned upside down. 

This book was a huge surprise! I was in a major book slump, and this one just landed in my lap (well metaphorically speaking anyway). It just blew me away! I adored this book from start to finish. It has one of my favorite heroines of all time! She was just great and I adored her greatly! 

I also really enjoyed Piper and Jake together. They were great and it was really nice seeing Piper form relationships with the other guys at the garage as well. 

This story wasn't just a romance, but had a lot of suspense in it as well! I highly recommend this one!

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