Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Title: Dark Coven
Series: Shifter Squad #3
Author: J.C. Diem

Lexi Levine has a secret that she is desperate to keep from the rest of the Shifter Squad. She is being hunted by a vampire who is determined to turn her into the undead. Lexi hopes that leaving New Orleans will enable her to escape from the fate that is haunting her.

The squad is sent to West Virginia on a mysterious mission from one of the Paranormal Investigation Agency’s upper echelon. The foes they face this time might be human, yet they are as dangerous and unpredictable as any monsters.

Lexi discovers that the house they are using for their base of operations is occupied by more than just ordinary people. Burdened with unique talents, only she can see the creatures that are invisible to everyone else. She doesn't know why she is so different from other shifters, but she will have to learn how to use her new abilities if they hope to prevail against the Dark Coven.


Dark Coven begins right after the second book left off. Lexi has just realized that her mother has more power of her than she thought. Not only that, but it seems like her bond with her mate is weakened by it. These two must figure it out before Lexi is turned to the "dark" side. But not only do they have to worry about that, they also have to worry about the witches that are killing innocent people every year for horrible reasons. The group must now work together in order to figure this one out. It will be a lot easier said than done though. 

This one was okay. It wasn't as great as previous books though. It was a little frustrating with the way Lexi and her her mate keep acting. And in the end how they just agreed to things just bugged me too. I really wish Lexi would be a little more open, I really hate how she closes down around her mate. It's all rather frustrating. 

I did however enjoy the things that happened between her and her friends, and all of the things that happened between her family as well. I can not wait for the next book. 
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