Saturday, January 30, 2016

Title: Corpse Thieves
Series: Shifter Squad #5
Author: J.C. Diem

With the vampire virus slowly but surely working its way through Lexi and Reece, they must soon face down the being that has infected them or risk losing their souls to darkness. While on their way to confront Lexi's mother, the squad is called away to investigate a slew of missing corpses. 

Reece has his own problems to face. He is torn between his duty to his team and the lifelong dream that is now being offered to him. While he can postpone the inevitable, he will eventually have to make a decision. Not even he knows what his final choice will be. 

It doesn’t take long before their newest mission takes a turn for the worse. Lexi is confronted with an awful truth about herself that she has been trying her hardest to deny. Her survival depends on tapping a talent that could cause her own team to turn against her if they learn of its existence.


After the last crazy ending this one picks off with Lexi and Reese both being infected with the vampire virus that Lexi's mom gave them. Both of them know they could die soon, but while Lexi is struggling with the fact that Reese is slowly pulling away from her, he's trying to figure out what choice to make now. Neither one of them really knows what's going to happen, and when it does it's going to go down hill for both of them. 

I really enjoyed this one as well. The author really knows how to leave you hanging then pick you up in the next book and take you on a new journey of suspense, and a little bit of angst when it comes to Lexi and Reese. Then of course in the end leaves you utterly destroyed till the next book all over again. 

I throghly enjoyed this book. I loved the action, and the new things we learned about Lexi. And now I can not wait for the next book! This series is really good! 
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