Monday, December 7, 2015

Title: (Dis)content
Series: Judgement of the Six #5
Author: Melissa Haag

I hate. I thought I hated before the letter, before the werewolves, but now I understand that was nothing more than a chip on my shoulder. The urbat took what was mine. They will pay.

Isabelle leads a very normal life...for an emotional syphon. If not for Ethan and his bar, she would have lost her sanity long ago. But everything changes with the crash of her fighting cage and a man who transforms into a wolf. There’s something about Carlos—when he’s not growling at her—that makes her do things she wouldn’t normally do, like sigh and daydream.

Attraction aside, she is faced with the very real evidence that werewolves and urbat exist, and the urbat are after her. And the only way she can keep Ethan safe is to join with the werewolves and Carlos. It’s a race against time to stop a war, fight for love, and find the last Judgement.


(Dis)content begins with Isabelle meets up with her one and only friend Ethan. It's been awhile since they've been together, mainly because her powers keep her from being to close with anyone because she may hurt them. After she gets into a fight, and some weird guy changes into a wolf things go from bad to worse for her and her friend. Now, they are on the run, but when some strange people meet up with them, help them, and claim they are the good guys and need her help, everything gets a whole lot stranger for Isabelle. 

This book was really good. It had a whole lot of emotion in it, and I loved Carlos and Isabelle, although I wish they had more time together than what we actually got to read. I also enjoyed the relationship between Ethan and Isabelle, it was very amazing to see how deep their friendship was. I adored this book! And now I'm more excited than ever to read the next one. 
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