Friday, December 4, 2015

Title: Vigilante Vampire
Series: Bo Blackman #5
Author: Helen Harper

It's no more Miss Nice Vampire. 

Bo has turned her back on everything that's familiar and is now working for X, the dangerous Kakos daemon who demands that his identity be kept a secret. She's prepared to do just about anything to clean the streets of London of its crime - and she's no longer sure if she cares who gets hurt in the process. 

However, the vampire Families aren't going to be that easy to ignore. Lord Medici is continuing with his cold-blooded power bid - while Michael is determined not to let Bo forget him. Add a mysterious case of a missing girl into the mix and chaos is going to follow. 

This is the fifth book in the Bo Blackman series. 

Reading order: 1. Dire Straits 
2. New Order 
3. High Stakes 
4. Red Angel 
5. Vigilante Vampire 



Vigilante Vampire begins with Bo being extremely different in this one. She's a lot harder now, and she's under X's thumb. She knows that she and Michael have a lot to work through, but with X and the other Families in the way it keeps getting harder and harder to figure out which problem she should work on first. But when things start to go crazy for Bo, and X has her working on a crazy case things start to go out of control even more. Especially with X's threats hanging over her head even more. 

This one was really good. It starts out with us learning how much Bo has changed, and what she's going through right now. She's a lot different now, and she's not going to let people push her around, well maybe X, but she's working on get out from his thumb, although that may be easier said than done. But as she and her friends work together to figure out what the humans and vampires are going through things get a little out of hand. 

This book ends in a cliffhanger, but it has me super excited for the next book in this series. This one was great. I just wish there will be more Michael and Bo time, especially with all the new problems they have now! 
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