Friday, December 4, 2015

Title: Blood Enchanted
Series: Blood Enchanted #1
Author: Nicola Claire

For fans of the Kindred series comes a delicious new Urban Fantasy by Nicola Claire, introducing a darker and grittier world, laced with magic, power, and preternatural beings all determined to possess the one woman whose blood calls to them all. 

One bite. One drop. That’s all it would take for Éliane Durand’s blood to change it all.

As the daughter of the most powerful Nosferatu, and equally as powerful Nosferatin, Ellie has had to make sure that all those who meet her know just how deadly she can be. Making a name for herself in the cut-throat arenas that dot Auckland City’s supernatural underworld, has not only convinced those who might think to come against the head strong and independent vampire hunter that she means business, but has also lined her pockets with much needed cash, as well.

In a world where power talks and the power of blood says it all, Ellie soon discovers that hers is a much sought after commodity. But she’s not alone. Her twin, Lucien, is just as powerful. And when Luc goes missing, and all the clues lead to a strange new Master Vampire in the city, then Ellie must dig deep to save not only her brother, but herself.

One bite. One drop. That’s all.

But Ellie’s not the only one to realise this… And the power of her blood soon calls to so many more.



Blood Enchanted is a spin off of the Kindred series, I totally believe you should read the Kindred series first before this one! 
Blood Enchanted begins when Ellie decides to start looking for her twin brother. She hasn't seen him since their birthday, and she knows somethings wrong. Now, she must figure out who has him and why before it is all too late. 

But Ellie's parents, brother and friends are keeping things from her. Very important things, and when she ends up in some dangerous situations it may not turn out very well since she doesn't have all of the information that's needed. 

I adored this book! It's a great start to a new series even if it was kind of short! I really enjoyed the heroine in this one as well. She's strong, even though she didn't have a lot of information which did drive me crazy, she was still really awesome. I also liked who I think her love interest is as well. They will be awesome together. 

I believe the only real down side to the story besides the shortness of it, was the fact that two of the characters from the Kindred series didn't really help the heroine, or at least not that the reader could see. Other than that this one was awesome, and I can not wait for more now. 

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