Thursday, November 5, 2015

Title: Corrigan Politics
Series: Corrigan #4
Author: Helen Harper


Between dealing with reports of rogue shifters and untrustworthy Pack Alphas, not to mention negotiating his way into Mack's heart, Corrigan has his hands full. Unfortunately, just when it seems that things might be going his way, there's a new player in town - and he's got death magic at his fingertips. 

Corrigan Politics is the fourth book in the Corrigan series, re-telling the events of Blood Politics from Lord Corrigan's point of view.


Corrigan Politics begins when Corrigan realizes that Mack is in trouble. But this time it's worse than he thought. She and the rest of the supernaturals must join together to solve this crime. The problem is it will be more dangerous than anything they've ever done before, and Corrigan is bound and determined to get Mack with him now before it is too late. But he never would have expected things to happen the way they did. 

This book was really good! I totally loved getting to see Mack and Corrigan together! I also enjoyed getting to see the rest of the sups work together against a terrible foe. The problem though, I was really sick of Mack and extremely mad her for what she does in the end. It's a horrible cliffhanger, and I can not believe she did that. I'm seriously so angry right now! I wanted to strangle her. And I felt so badly for Corrigan. But I'm super excited to read the next book now! 
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